So happy to have a demo shooting @ Marco Polo new outdoor location for wedding ceremony! With the gorgeous Victoria Harbour as background I believe it should be one of the popular choice for couples! Really looking forward to have shooting a real wedding in the future! Photo by:   […]


Wedding Slideshow – Jennifer Anthony

Wedding Slideshow-JenniferAnthony from SiuMing.Photo on Vimeo.

  一個完美的婚禮總有著幸福滿瀉的 couples,家人之間的無限感動及祝福,兄弟姊妹朋友間的衷心見證以及加上華麗的場地。Jennifer 及 Anthony 就有著以上所有的原素令到我創下了一個 same day slideshow 有 80張的作品!   Congratulations: Jennifer & Anthony Photo & Slideshow by: SiuMing (SiuMing.Photo) Video by: T.Art Video MUA by:  Bart Ko