SiuMingPhoto 2016 打造全新一輯 Princess Snowy 系列 - 
當冷凝雪妝配上獨特設計白色 Henna Paint,一襲雪白婚紗或是粉藍系列晚裝於 SiuMingPhoto 獨有的冰雪背景影樓,SiuMingPhoto 及其專業化妝團隊為您打造獨一無二的 Pricess Snowy Theme Portrait! 
有興趣歡迎 email: / whtsapp: 676396 6994 查詢詳情
Photo by: SiuMing.Photo (
Makeup by: Seoul Magic (
Henna design by: Malic (
Gowns by: Kir Royal (

SMP_0328_FB SMP_0334_FB SMP_0346_FB SMP_0383_FB SMP_0405_FB SMP_0410_FB SMP_0294_FB SMP_0312_FB

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