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  1. by Vicko

    Can I hv the rate card for the maternity photography service???
    Before I had sent the request email… But no respond /.\
    Thx so much!!!

    • by sium8619

      Hi Vicko, sorry for the late reply. I just sent you the detail. Please check.

  2. by Peggy

    hi, can i have the rate or package information for maternity photography ?


    • by sium8619

      Hi Peggy,
      Thank you for your inquiry. I just sent you the package detail. Please check and contact us by 35801688 or if you couldn’t receive it.

  3. by Maggie Wong

    Can I have the rate card for maternity package?

    • by sium8619

      Hi Maggie, thank you for your inquiry. We’ve just sent you the package detail. Please contact us at 35801688 if you couldn’t receive it.

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